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Enlightened Entertainment offers various services


$125.00 per hour

Enlightened Entertainment has everything you need to ensure your shoot is a success. From pre-and post-shoot advice to image editing and touch-ups, their range of professional services ensure you’ll receive the picture-perfect outcome. Get in touch to find out more about our services.

Video Camera Lens


starting at $75.00 per hour

We offer videography services for many types of events, such as Actor Reels, Music Videos, Promo Videos, and more! Contact us today for your videography needs.

Photo Editing

$45.00 per hour

We edit and color grade many types of photos, no matter what style you have in mind. Contact us for details.

Video Camera Lens

Video Editing

$75.00 per hour

We can edit and color-grade any videos that you need. Contact us for details and to discuss your project further.

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